drip or drown


Why Drip?

Just a few reasons why you should choose Drip over our competitors...


All purchases are secured by frequent updates to all of our clients.


Drip products use the latest and most secure methods in their modules. Being detected isn't on our list of worries.

Screenshare Proof

Drip Lite and X are guaranteed screenshare proof. Drip is currently undetected on many major servers, but is not guaranteed.


Your data is secure and won't be leaked due to WordPress issues.


Our Twitter @DripSupport is constantly checked by our support team to ensure you are satisfied.

Unique Builds

Drip Lite features unique builds every time it's run unique to the user, including polymorphic code. Drip and X generate hourly builds.


Choose your flavor of drip:

  • Drip


  • Built for casual players.
  • Internal client
  • Forge only
  • Countless features
  • No profiles or configs
  • Hourly builds
  • Undetected server side
  • Screenshare proof*
  • Drip Lite

    as low as $10.40/mo

  • Built for the most competitive players.
  • Web client
  • Works on various versions
  • Essential features
  • Cloud configs
  • Fully unique builds
  • Undetected both client and server side
  • Screenshare proof
Invite Only
  • Drip X

    as low as $9.95/mo

  • Built for people too lazy to click.
  • External client
  • Works on most versions
  • Minimalist features
  • Profiles and configs coming soon
  • Hourly builds
  • Undetected server side
  • Screenshare proof

*Although most servers won't find Drip in a screenshare, we cannot guarantee it will bypass.
If you require a guaranteed bypass purchase Drip Lite or Drip X.



What operating systems does Drip support?

We currently recommend Windows 10 build 1909. Drip may work with other Windows versions, however Unix-based operating systems are not currently supported.

What payment methods can I use?

Currently, Drip only accepts automated payments through PayPal. If you wish to purchase Drip using BTC, contact autumn#9999 on Discord.

Who is eligible to use Drip Lite?

Drip Lite is a private, invitation-only product. In order to be eligible to use Drip, one needs to have an invitation.

How do I get an invite do Drip Lite?

Users who have purchased Drip Lite before 1/10/2019 will receive permanent access to purchasing Drip Lite subscriptions. If you did not purchase before this date, you can win invites on our Twitter @DripSupport, or can be gifted one by an existing Drip Lite user when we do an invite wave.

When do invite waves occur and how do they work?

Time at which invite waves occur will be posted on our Twitter @DripSupport. During invite waves, everyone with an active subscription will be eligible to receive an invitation code. Otherwise, you must meet the regular criteria in order to be eligible to purchase Drip Lite.

Note: Once you are invited your account will have permanent access to purchasing Drip Lite.

Can I purchase an invite code?

Selling and buying invite codes is strictly not allowed, any account found to have sold invite codes will be permanently banned with no chance of appeal, as well as any users they have invited.

So I've purchased Drip, now what?

Payments are normally processed instantly by our system and should redirect you to the panel once complete, however they can take up to 24 hours to be processed in some cases. If your payment still hasn't processed after 48 hours, contact our support Twitter @DripSupport with your transaction ID and website username.